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Main » 2011 » June » 28 » Latest Feature from Taiwan GO2: Pirate Attack!
7:13 AM
Latest Feature from Taiwan GO2: Pirate Attack!
Corps UI - New tab 'Pirate'

"The corps can allow NPC pirates to attack players on a daily basis, and fellow allies can assist in defense, and the battle will last till either side lost on the defending planet. Once emerged victorious, all members of the corps will be rewarded with Emblem of Honor."  - just my quick translation of the update

Just like instance that is done individually, pirate attack feature allows corps to team up. There is a total of 10 pirate levels, and the next level will only unlock once a level is completed. The pirate level can be selected (top of UI skulls) and the defending player's planet can be chosen (first button on the bottom right). Once the second button on the bottom right is triggered, the pirate attack will be initiated. The middle portion of the UI will display the selected planet's information (Name, Coord, Strength, Level). Bottom left shows the storyline for the pirate attacks.

Corps wealth will be consumed for each attempt and it is limited to once per day at server time 6pm.

Level 2 NPC Pirate Invasion in 7.2k fleets

 Pirate Level Wealth Consumed Honor Reward
 1 5 15
 2 13 30
 3 26 50
 4 44 72
 5 70 98
 6 105 117
 7 151 147
 8 208 180
 9 279 216
 10 365 255

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